Corrugated Solid Tungsten Carbide Sltting Knives

Corrugated Solid Tungsten Carbide Sltting Knives

  Ctoolmake offers corrugated cardboard slitter knives to fit the most widely used corrugators. All the knives are manufactured from tungsten carbide. This ensures superior cutting quality and durable life span.

   For Corrugated Slitter Knives, which materials is most suitable? Absolutely, it is Tungsten Carbide. Its unmatched hardness makes it wear resistant. Only diamond can sharp it.

   What is it, Solid Tungsten Carbide;

  Carbide consists of carbon bonded to a very hard metal like titanium, vanadium, or as in the case of our slitting knives, tungsten. Then, a sintering process cements the carbide, tungsten, and a steel binder together. Because each of these components has its own unique qualities, the combination and the sintering   process itself gives the final material its ultimate toughness.  Monitored quality;
Different parameters affect the properties of tungsten carbide. This allows optimization for specific applications, in this case as corrugated slitter knives. The base materials for our slitter knives are exclusively raw, unrecycled materials, so no recycled steel. This guarantees controlled hardness and toughness, which is not possible with recycled materials.

  The advantages of solid tungsten carbide slitter knives

  Our precision ground tungsten carbide blades result in a sharp, clean-cut finish, which also prevents deformation of the corrugated board structure. Based on superior quality and matched diamond grinding stones. Our tungsten carbide knvies increase both productivity and the services life of slitter knives.

  Our corrugator slitting knives fit the corrugator like Fosber, BHS, Marquip, Agnati, Isowa, MINGWEI, J.S, JUSTU and other brand corrugators. For a continuour clean cut, we produce and offer matching the accordingly sharpening wheels for every brand slitting knife.

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