Who we are

    ShangCheng Ctoolmake Co.,Ltd is located in the High-Tech Zone, Xi'An City, Shannxi Province. It has been established since 1998. As a proud supplier of 2 main types products, Super Hard Abrasive Wheels and Hardened Steel Knives. With unique formula, our products has been exported to Many Countries and win reputations by its optima performances on the Quality and Price. Super Abrasive Wheel includes Diamond Grinding Wheels, CBN Grinding Wheels, which are used in the field of Tissue Paper, Carton Board, Metal processing etc.Hardened Steel Knives can be produced in the materials of Tungsten Carbide and Steel Materials  to meet various cutting purposes of customers, like CardBoard, Tissue Paper, Foil, Tape etc.We Could Produce the Grinding Wheels and Cutting Knives As Customers' Design. 

    Exploring & Development

    Corrugaged Board Slitting and Tissue Converting Cutting Fields are the 2 main business direction. A cutting and grinding system will be installed in the cutting machine. Usually, the 1PCS of Knife would be ground by 2PCS Grinding Wheels. They works as an suite. By the efforts of exploring and coclusion in Marketing and After-Sales Services, to acquire the the whole suite is very needed. At the key Time, we started the exploring of Cutting Knives in these 2 parts aimming for Providing Excellent Services to Our Customers.

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