How to Sharp Circular Knife with Unibilateral Bevel

 The sharpening machine Model CK500 from BUSINARO is an effective grinder to sharp the bilateral bevel circular knife and unibilateral bevel circular knife. The sharp knives can guarantee exact and clean cutting results.

   1) The Grinding Wheel to sharp the circular knife with bilateral bevel;

   2)The Grinding Wheel to sharp the circular knife with unibilateral bevel;

   3)  The Grinding Wheel to sharp the bottom knife. 

   How to confirm order the suitable grinding wheels to sharp the circular knife?

   It depends on the material of Circula Knife made. The knife in Solid Tungsten Carbide, Diamond Grinding Wheels will be suitable; If High Speed Steel or Alloy Steel

  Circular Knife, Cbn Grinding Wheels are much more suitable. The grit of sharpening wheel decides the surface finish and sharpening efficiency of circular knife after sharpening.


   How to confirm the grinding wheel for the sharpening machine? To make clear the elements of Diameter, Inside Diameter, Thickness, Width of Layer etc. 

  CTOOLMAKE, a professional factory to design and produce the optimistic diamond grinding wheels and cbn grinding wheels for you. 



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