Carbide Blade

Carbide blade can be used to make cutters, scrapers, turning tools, wear-resistant parts, tissue paper industry.It has excellent characteristics such as high wear resistance, high hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It has a longer service life, eliminating the trouble...

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High Speed Steel Blade

Product name: High Speed Steel Blade Lenth: 10-3200mm Make according to customer requirements Wide: 8-300mm Make according to customer requirements Thickness: 0.2-100mm Make according to customer requirements Material: 3CR12/420J2/440C/High carbon steel/high speed steel/Cemented carbide etc. Features:...

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Cardboard Feeding Sun Wheel

Our non-crush feeding wheels are produced by imported polymer syntheic polyurethane rubber, which has the advantages of high wear resistance, high resilience, no damage to the paper and long service life. The special designed spokes, result in reduced contact force between the wheel and board and...

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HSS Cutting Knife For Paper

Ctoolmake's knives are manufactured form high quality steel and to dimensional tolerances that meet or exceed OEM specifications. All knives delivered to customers are not only sharp without burrs, but also last longer sharpness with the unique heat treatment.                         

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