Brazed Diamond/Cbn Grinding Wheels

  Brazed diamond/CBN grinding wheel is directly supplied for grinding cast iron and deburring diamond grinding wheel. The tool has the following characteristics:   ① The metallurgical chemical combination between the abrasive material, the brazing material and the matrix can be realized, thereby...

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Diamond Brazed Grinding Wheels

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Grinding Wheels for cutting, grinding, drilling foundry, metal working, composites, automotive sector, cast iron, angle iron, ductile iron, carbon steel,etc

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Brazed Diamond Grinding Wheels

  The grinding wheel both dry and wet use but wet grinding can improves the service life of the wheel and can be used with angle grinder, convenient operation.  Brazed diamond grinding wheel is suitable for grinding quartz stone, marble, granite, ceramic, artificial stone, glass, especially for concrete...

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Carbide Round Blades With Coatings TiAlCN

  Carbide Round Blades are mainly applied in the cigarette filter rod cutting; Usually, Tungsten Carbide is first option to choose as raw material. Then the High Speed Steel. For these knives, they are always with the feature of super thin thickness from 0.15-0.3mm.   Besides the High Quality of...

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Creaseing Wheels to lift or lower the Circular Knives

  Creasing Wheels, Slitter Wheel, its function is to lift or lower the cicular knives in the slitter scorer machinery used in Corrugated carton board slitting parts. As the requirement, we could choose different grade of steel types, like Cr12MoV, SKD-11, D2, 1.2379, K100 etc. To prevent the rust...

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