Custom CBN Grinding Wheels and Tools

Electroplated CBN wheels and tools are the best choice for close tolerance form grinding applications requiring rapid stock removal in nickel alloys, cobalt alloys and other tough material removal applications. Our highly regarded team of CBN grinding experts has years of CBN grinding experience....

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Large Stock Electroplated Bond Grinding Wheels

Electroplated grinding wheels maintain their shape and dimensions better than converntional, resin or polyimide grinding bond systems. Thus, they are used for form grinding . Once the coated diamond abrasive or cbn abrasive are worn out. They can be replated on the steel core. In our factory, all...

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Electroplated Grinding Wheels

Customize Electroplated Bond grinding wheels. Electroplated Grinding Wheels are composed of two layers. The base layer refers to the wheel body, generally processed from steel. The body can take a variety of forms depending on the desired shape of the grinding wheel. The woring layer or electroplated...

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Corrugated Board-Grinding Stones and Razor Slitter Knife

Tungsten carbide corrugated slitter knives,Tungsten carbide is the material of choice for corrugator slitter knives. that's because its unmatched hardness-only diamond is harder-makes it wear-and impact-resistant. Diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels, compatible with razor slitting blades...

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Tobacco Circular Slitting Knives

Theese Knives are made of virgial tungsten carbide, the raw materials are heat treated, vacuum treated, and the hardness is higher. Heat treatment in our factory to ensure product stability.                             

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