Lower Knife-Industrial Knives for the paper industry

Bottom Slitter Knives-Lower Knife for the Paper Processing Industry-Extremely wear-resistant cutting tools and solutions. Steel Types avaliable:                     1. SUJ2                     2. SKD-11                     3. SKH51                     4. Tungsten Carbide Contact us if you need...

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JUSTU Slitter Scorer Diamond Sharpening Stones

  Contact us if you need any diamond sharpening stones used in JUSTU Slitter Scorer Mahinery; Diamond Sharpening Stones are for sharpening the Tungsten Carbide Slitter Knives. Through a long time cutting, the slitting knives will come dull.    Use grinding stones to make it sharp is absolutely...

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Proper Sharpening Stones for Slitter Knvies

                                                                                                   Slitter Scorer is an very important part during the paperboard production; Depends on the setting of machinery, there will be 5 lanes, 7 lanes cutting system.   One unit Tungsten Carbide Slitting...

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KaiTuo Brand Diamond Grinding Stones

  Ctoolmake offers a wide range of Diamond Grinding Stones for sharpening the tungsten carbide razor slitter knives. KaiTuo model diamond grinding stones is one of the popular one. KaiTuo Corrugated Producing Line is one of the most popular machineries in the world. Thus, we also call carbide slitter...

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