Corrugated Sun Wheel

Ctoolmake Produce High Qualifiey Sun Wheels and Sun Feed Wheels for Corrugated Produing Line and Printing Machines. 

Sun Wheel description:

1. It has excellent abrasion resistance. The abrasion resistance of the urethane material feed wheel is 3-5 times that of rubber, giving it the reputation of "abrasion resistant rubber". Improved paper feed Wheel hub;

2. Good elasticity and wide hardness range of Sun Wheels. The hardness of the paper feeding wheel is about 85. Under high hardness, it has good rubber elasticity and elongation. Accuracy and stability of paper feeding;


3. Easy and quick keys for disassembly; complete specifications, special specifications can be customized for customers. Product Features: It has abrasion resistance, good elasticity and non-slip surface.

4. It has a special design of stripped teeth, which solves the problems of slipping of the wheels and aluminum parts and the deviation of the paper, ensuring smooth paper feeding and easy disassembly and assembly. Wear-resistant Rebound does not hurt the paper and can be long and so on.

5, has a high starting rate, to ensure the smooth and successful feed rate;3. The surface has a special non-slip treatment to avoid the problem of paper deviation and skew during high-speed paper feeding, ensuring smooth paper feeding and improving equipment production Efficiency and reduce scrap rate.

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