Razor Slitter for Slitter Scorer

 Razor Blades for NC Slitter Scorer Used in the process of cutting the Corrugated Board;

Razor Blades also Called on the Thin Blades applied in the Carton Board Slitter Scorer machine. Based on Vairous machine types,

there are knives of BHS, Fosber, TCY, Agnati, FULI, JUSTU, JS, Marquip etc.

In the market, the Thin Blades can be produced in 2 Main Types Materilas: Tungsten Carbide and High Speed Steel. Carbide Materials is with much longer using time than high speed steel. Carbide is 20-25 Times than high speed steel in the suing times. 

Tungsten Carbide Material:
Tungsten Carbide/Cemented Carbide; Sintered tungsten carbide - cobalt cutting tools are very abrasion resistant and can also withstand higher temperatures than standard high-speed steel (HSS) tools. The Cutting Knives as below


High Speed Steel:
It is a subset of tool steels, commonly used as cutting tool material.HSS to cut faster than high carbon steel, hence the name high-speed steel. At room temperature, in their generally recommended heat treatment, HSS grades generally display high hardness (above Rockwell hardness 60) and abrasion resistance (generally linked to tungsten and vanadium content often used in HSS) compared with common carbon and tool steels.
Specifications of Razor Slitter for Slitter Scorer;

Specifications of Razor Slitter for Slitter Scorer;

Items Diameter Inner Diameter Thickness
1 200 122 1.2
2 210 110 1.5
3 230 110 1.3
4 250 105 1.5
5 250 140 1.5
6 260 114 1.5
7 260 112 1.5
8 260 140 1.6
9 260 158 1.5
10 260 168.3 1.6
11 270 168 1.5
12 270 170 1.6
13 280 168 1.6
14 290 112 1.5
15 300 112 1.5
Besides the Razor Slitters, we could also provide you the Grinders with optimal quality. Grinders for Razor Slitter in the Slitter Scorer Machine;

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