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Corrugated paper Board Grinding Stones

     Corrugated paper Board Grinding Stones

    Ctoolmake offers a wide range of corrugated grinding stones in paperboard industry. Our grinding stones are available in both Diamond and CBN. It is suitable to choose Diamond Grinding Stones to sharp tungsten carbide razor slitter knives; It is suitable to choose cbn grinding stones to sharp HSS slitter knives or powdered steel razor slitter knives. All the grinding stones in this field, we could produce them according to the technique drawing of main equipment suppliers. 

     Diamond Grinding Stones and CBN Grinding Stones can be suitable for the machinery of Fosber, BHS, Marquip, Agnati, MHI, ISOWA etc. The Agnati model Slitter Knife Diamond Grinding Stones are showing as picture.

     Send us the request, we will send you price list soon. Whatsapp: 86-15399052732, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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