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Can you grind tungsten carbide by a cbn wheel?

    CBN grinding hard alloy and non-metallic hard materials, should not be under the high temperature of grinding, CBN in alkaline aqueous solution will produce chemical reaction with carbide, CBN grinding wheel in the 300 ℃ will decompose in alkaline solution, trace decomposition in boiling water, and the results will make the particle morphology were damaged, so the grinding, can only choose oil cooling fluid, and can't use water-based coolant.

    CBN grinding wheel is suitable for fine grinding and final grinding of precision parts made of soft steel, heat resistant steel and high hardness alloy steel. They are runnable and abrasive for cutting tools of special steels such as tungsten and molybdenum high speed steels, cobalt alloy steels, special high speed steels, ultra-finish machining of refractory heat resistant parts and other steel hardened parts.


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