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logsaw cbn grinding wheel

    CBN grinding wheels are used as a sharpner of log saw blade in the tissue converting industry. D2 Type steel log saw blades with harder hardness. Then Cbn abrasive grinding wheels are the best option to make it sharp. The popular cbn grinding wheels are made in the cbn abrasive, with b107 grit, resin bond, c100 as it suitable concentration.

     There are 2 kinds of bore for cbn grinding wheels. Bore 30mm and Bore 20MM as main difference. Besides that, the Outer Diameter 100, Thickness 15 or 16, Abrasive width 6mm and thickness 4mm. We keep the regular models as stock. If you need any of them, please feel free to contact with us by Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by wechat/whatsapp: +8615399052732.

100 16 20 6 4
100 16 30 6 4


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