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Logsaw CBN Grinding Wheels

    Ctoolmake produces a wide variety of cbn grinding wheels, engineered to complement our harder log saw blade. We offer high quality cbn grinding wheels for all types of machines such as: 

Fabio Perini  PCMC Futura 
United Converting Bretting  MTC


  • CBN (Borazon) - Type 6A2.
  • B107 C100 (grit size, bond, concentration).
  • High quality borazon wheel for hard steels.
  • For the paper/tissue conversion industry.
  • Reduced body weight for cool grinding.
  • Pre-engineered resin bond.
  • Superior form holding.
  • Aluminium body.

     Besides the regular models grinding wheels, the cbn grinding wheels could also be produced as the customer's design. Since the different requirement for the Grinding Efficiency and Using Time, we will take special fomula to meet the requirement of customer. Contact with us if you need any Cbn Grinding Wheels through whatsapp/wechat: +86-15399052732.

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