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What are metal bond grinding wheels? What benefits do they have?

Metal bond also called cooper bond. 

Metal Bond Extensively used in manufacturing diamond grinding wheels, metal bonds grinding wheels are manufactured utilizing three different processes: cold press skills, semi hot press skills and hot press skills.

Cold Press Mode in Metal Bond Grinding Wheels involves pressing the transition layer(without diamonds) and the working layer(with diamonds) of selected diamond portions to forms that on the body of the grinding wheel. These segments are then allowed to interconnect with the grinding wheels’ body via slots or teeth. Finally, cold press grinding wheels are placed into sintering furnaces where they are sintered without press.

The semi hot press mode in Metal Bond Grinding Wheel improves on the cold press made by complementing the sintering process. While grinding wheels are sintering in a furnace applicable molds are applied and minimal to moderate pressure is added. However, any pressure applied is significantly lower than the amount pressure applied in hot press mode.

Hot press mold in Metal Bond Grinding Wheel directly sinters diamond particles in molds under preset pressures levels in induction units. Diamond segments are then affixed on the grinding wheel.

Benefits of Using Metal Bond Grinding Wheels

Because metal bond grinding wheels are sintered with cobalt, copper, mill, silver or sternum powder, they work exceptionally well on a variety of surfaces (glass, refractoriness, ceramics, silicon, semi-conductors and quartz).

Whether used for tool cutting, glass grinding, ceramic grinding or form cutting, metal bond grinding wheels provide the longest, most superior quality of service before any type of maintenance is needed. 

Metal bond offers the ability to perform outstanding interrupted cuts while retaining the tool's original dimensions even during the most energetic grinding actions, including centerless, cylindrical, creep feed, deburring and cutoff applications.

Although resin bonds are more commonly used than vitrified or electroplated bonds, these bonds do not offer the hardness or wheel retention properties exhibited by metal bond grinding wheels.

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