Diamond Wheels

We offer Diamond grinding wheels in 2 main different bond types as listed below. Each bond type has unique properties and should be carefully selected to reach the Finest grinding results.

Resin BOND Diamond Wheels-Used in the manufacture of solid Carbide End Mills, Drills and Reamers. Our unique bond systems, comprising of a mixture of specially selected alloys, ceramics and diamond powders and coatings, all sintered in environmental controlled furnaces, offer stock removal rates and tool edge retention that were unheard of only a few years ago.


Vitrified bond systems are typically selected for grinding PCD and PCBN tools, ceramics and semi-conductors. Vitrified bond wheels are extremely aggressive and free cutting.

METAL BOND Diamond Wheels

Typical applications for metal bonds are grinding glass, ceramics, refractories, ferrites, tile, stone and quartz.Metal bond offers the best grit retention and a very long service life. Form holding is the best available, but it requires high horsepower machinery and is much slower cutting than resin bonds for example and works best when a very
abrasive material is being ground.

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