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1A1R Diamond and CBN Cut Off Wheel

1A1R Diamond or CBN Cut off wheel
Cut Off Wheel in Diamonod Could be Used for Cutting Carbide, Glass, Marblel, Semi-Conductors, Ceramics; CBN Cut Off Wheel Could be Used for Cutting Hardened Steel;All these Cutting Wheels provides higher cutting rates both in wet or dry grinding applications.

The Application is mainly used for Grooving and Cutting.With the Properties as below:
1)High Precision, it can be widely used for precisely cutting and grooving.
2)Super-thin cut off wheel cause the perfect cutting reslt;
3)Long Span Time with Higher Cutting Efficiency.

Diamond and CBN Cut Off Wheels with the types of 1A1R;
Cut-Off Wheel is used on cutoff machines, surface grinders, OD grinders, and machining centers. The Cutoff Wheel is available in diameters of 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ and in various thicknesses. A steel core, with a tapered diamond or CBN section which assures free cutting, is used on all Cutoff Wheels.

Used to separate materials such as Thermosets, ferrite, glass, glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP, CFRP), graphite, tungsten carbide, ceramics, natural artificial stones, silicon, quartz and porcelain. Contact With Us soon.


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