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Metal Bond Grinding Wheels

When maximum productivity is paramount, metal bond grinding wheels offer the long Using life and low maintenance you need. Suitable for all levels of both wet and dry grinding from light polishing to aggressive CNC grinding, metal bond abrasive wheels are built for endurance and performance.

Metal bonded tools are created from the sintering of powdered metals and other compounds with either Diamond or Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN).This process produces an extremely strong product that holds its shape well during use. Metal Bond maintains a long and useful tool life with a reduction in the frequency of dressing. Generally, Metal Bond wheels have the hardest matrix, therefore it performs best in operations under flood coolant.

One weakness to be aware of with metal bonded grinding wheels is they are not easily dressed. Unlike resin and vitrified wheels, the bond material can't be cut away to release dull grit and expose new edges.


Metal Bond Diamond or CBN Tools Offers:
1. Long life Metal bond grinding wheels last longer than those made by other methods. This boosts productivity by cutting down on dressing frequency and wheel changes.

2. Intricate Designs Complex forms can be created, and since wear rates are low they last longer than in other types.

3. Heat quickly dissipates through the metal core. This property makes metal bond appropriate for high material removal rate operations like creep feed grinding, which are also helped by the ability to use coolant.

Superior form holding, impact resistance With excellent hardness and wheel retention properties, metal bond performs outstanding interrupted cuts while retaining the tool's original dimensions during everything Type Process Compatible with many materials Because metal bond grinding wheels are sintered with cobalt, copper, mill, silver or stanum power, they work exceptionally well on glass, refractories, ceramics, silicon, semi-conductors, quartz, and a variety of other surfaces.

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