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Thin Blade Slitting for Twin 400 Slitter Scorer

Tungsten "Long Lasting" Blades for Twin 400 Slitter/Scorer
The long Lasting Blades is made of Tungsten Carbide; Ctoolmake provides the Thin Blades with grinding and mirror polishing, in addition, provide the Grinders on the head.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Razor Slitter knives

The Fosber Twin Automatic Slitter/Scorer consists of two working modules. Each module is composed of a slitting group and a scoring group. While one module is running, a precise robot system prepares the second module for the next order. At automatic order change, the running module is retracted from the board line in synchronization with the indexing of the set-up module into the board line. Each slitting station consists of a series of slitting blades and lubrication group. The slitting tools are supported by a cross beam and are driven by a hex shaft. This movement has a dual purpose:

First it enables the indexing into and retracting out of board line for order change and allows an impaired blade to be lifted out of operation and de-activated allowing normal production.

The individual movement of each slitting hod allows an even use of all the slitting blades across the web to minimize maintenance time. In addition, the individual arms allow the Twin to carry out a gapless order change on two knife levels when filled fitted with Fosber's Constant System Rotary Shear.

Twin 400 Slitter / Scorer

Each scoring module consists of a pair of shafts, which house the scoring tools. The Twin allows for two (or more) distinct scoring profiles for production flexibility. Scoring pressure is fully adjustable via the servo-controlled eccentric flange which moves the scoring shafts in or out of proximity to each other, guaranteeing proper score depth. Automatic set-up is preformed by an upper and lower robot, which positions both the slitting and scoring tools. As an option the Twin can be fitted with a double robot, where one robot is dedicated to score setting and the other dedicated to slit setting. This allows a notable reduction in the overall set time. The Twin can be equipped with an edge guide system allowing lateral movement of the slitter and centering it in relation to the web, to a minimum. The trim chute heads are also automatically positioned at each order change.

The twin can be furnished with a third (auxiliary) scoring station with fully automatic tool positioning. This allows the running of additional profiles and when run in conjunction with either of the main scoring stations of less than 1.57" or 40mm.

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