Carbide Drill Sharpening Diamond Grinding Wheel

Carbide Drill Sharpening Diamond Grinding Wheel

Sharpening Carbide Drill Diamond Grinding Wheels

    Diamond is the hardest abraisve in the workd. With this abrasive, to produce Diamond Grinding Wheels which perform perfect to sharp carbide drill. Electroplated Bond diamond grinding wheels with a single layer. It does not need to dress. Heavily Stock removal and Higher Grinding efficiency. 

    The description of Drill Sharpening Wheel-Diamond Grinding Wheels

    Diamond Grinding Wheel for HSS Drill Only 

Wheel Type Wheel Diameter  Wheel Thickness Arbor Hole Diamete
Cbn 230# 125mm 19mm 20mm
Cbn 200# 3-1/16"(78mm) 3/8" (10mm) 1/2" (12.7mm)

 * Bond Type: Electroplated   * Body Materials: Steel * Grit Size: 200 mesh  * Net Weight: 0.2Kgs  *Pack: Unit Box 

If you want to Sharpening the Carbide Drill, you need to choose Diamond Grinding Wheels.



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