Steel Strip Slitting Knife

Steel Strip Slitting Knife

    As we all know, the cost of parts, including parts rough costs and processing costs in two parts. However, whether the durability of metal cutting tools is reasonable or not is one of the important factors that affect the production efficiency, processing cost and economic benefits. Therefore, the rational selection of the blades is the most important issue in the metal processing industry.

Spacers made of carbon steel and alloy steel, high hardness, good wear-resistant, but also some of the special requirements of the surface after grinding another black anti-rust treatment. Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.002mm or less. The purpose of the use of a blade spacer is to make a certain width between the round knife, the upper knife and the next knife and the horizontal gap adjustment; commonly used blade sleeve thickness between 0.9mm ~ 100mm [ Grinding material, after forging, machining, heat treatment, leveling grinding], hardness of 47 ± 2 degrees, the thickness of the blade casing tolerance is also controlled within 0.003mm. In order to reduce weight, we can also produce aluminum or nylon spacer, the material is very light, reduce the negative pressure on the spacer sleeve.

Slit slitting machine gasket

    Slitting knife made of alloy steel, including tungsten steel, SKH, SKD series of materials can be made according to customer demand for different materials and hardness. Mainly used for metal strip production and processing lines, especially for a variety of hot and cold rolled steel, pickling, silicon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, steel strip, and other high-speed slitting operations. Cutting Slitting is the most important part of the production process, so the precision of the strip knife is very high, we use precision grinding machine to handle the plane of the blade, after forging, machining, heat treatment, and then special grinding , And strictly controlled to ensure that all the finished product parallelism within 0.003mm.Slitting mechanical blade

    Commonly used materials M2, H13, LD, D2, etc., of which H13 is a commonly used material; H13 high temperature strength and toughness balance is good, mainly for the strip sub-strip finishing work received, so that each width of the strip can maintain a certain gap Without colliding with each other. We in the separator manufacturing process by heat treatment, leveling, fine grinding, polishing, chrome [0.05m / mt], and then polished to smooth the surface smooth, high wear resistance, the separation of the steel neat and smooth. It is usually made of high-carbon steel and alloy steel with a smooth grinding surface. External hard chrome plating can reduce material cutting section damage.

    For high-precision requirements, we now have guaranteed thickness tolerances of ± 0.001mm. For a certain inner circle, its tolerance can reach H3. All high-precision product inspections are carried out in a thermostatic chamber. With the continuous improvement of the precision machining of sheet metal, we have developed ultra-high precision cutting tools, whose accuracy has so far been matched by precision milling tools. ± 0.001mm thickness tolerance, and Ra0.1u surface roughness has been our standard. With our know-how and expertise, we also meet our customers' higher tolerances on thickness, parallelism and flatness.

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