Wood Mizer CBN Sharpening Stone

The blade is the heart of the sawmill system. it is what you depend on to bite into the wood and deliver a smooth cut blades perform at their peak when they have been properly sharpened and set.


A sharp and accurately set blades cuts faster, produces more accurate lumber, and saves time and fuel.Provides a professional line of blade sharpeners help you maintain your blades.

CBN sharpener or CBN Grinder are designed for the high-alloy bandsaw blades with high-quality. The regular size would be 5ich and inch in Diameter.

Advantages for Wood Mizer CBN sharpening Stone or wood mizer grinding wheel:
1)Very long working life;
2)Excellent Teeth Finish;
3)Eliminates Mirco Cracks in the bandsaw;
4)Various Grain Size can be chosen;
5)Can also produce the profile as your design;
6)Accurate size requirement with electroplated skills;
7)Strong ability of wear-resistance and no need dreesing.

Regular Diameter of Wood Mizer CBN Sharpening Stone.
OD127 Bore12.7
OD150 Bore20
OD203 Bore32

Tell us the size and requirement,the price of cbn sharpening stone for the
wood mizer blades can be sent to you immeidately.

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