Chainsaw Sharpening Wheel

Ctoolmake produce Diamond ChainSaw Sharpening Wheel and CBN Chainaw Sharpening Wheel with very long span using time than the conventional pink grinding wheel, much better surface finish, strong stability of grinding wheel profile. 

To sharp Carbide Tipped ChainSaw-Diamond Grinding Wheels;
There 2 kinds of ChainSaw Grinding Wheels. They are Diamond ChainSaw Grindng Wheel and CBN ChainSaw Grinding Wheel. When materials of Chain Saw is different, the chainsaw sharpening wheel will be changed accordingly.

2. To Sharp Steel ChainSaw-CBN Grinding Wheels;

Skills of ChainSaw Grinding Wheels;

1) Electroplated Bond Grinding Wheels;

2) Resin Bond Grinding Wheels;

3. Reular Diameter of Sharpening Wheels;

150mm and 100MM Diameter, at the same time, the chainsaw sharpening wheel could be produced as specified grinding wheels.

4. Maintance of Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

With Green Silicon Carbide Honing Stick when you find the Grinding Wheels gets clogged. To clean the wheel correctly turn on your grinder and let it reach full speed. Then turn it off and while the wheel is rotating, simply touch the cleaning stick to the surface of the diamond or CBN section of the wheel. The cleaning stick will make the wheel spin slower until it stops. You might need to repeat this operation 3-4 times, until you feel that wheel is clean and diamond or CBN grits are open and sharp. We also recommend to flip your wheel after sharpening every 20-30 chains.

If you need any support in Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels, contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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