Log Saw Blades

  High Quality Log Saw Blades with strict control standards to ensure the quality. In addition to quality control, we use a triple tempering heat treatment to maintain uniform blade hardness and flatness. We currently produce the log saw blades with diameter up to 1000mm.

  Our log saw blades are well applied in most existing log saw machines,  like PCMC, Futura, PCMC, CMG, ICM, BaoSuo, Dechangyu, Zoki and others. Besides the common standard size, we could also produce the log saw blades as your design. 

Outer Diameter Inside Diameter Thickness
24" 2.688" 0.187"
24" 3.250" 0.187"
32" 2.363" 0.236
34.255" 2.363" 0.23"
39.370" 2.363”  0.315“ 


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