PVA Grinding Wheels

    PVA grinding wheel is mainly made of silicon carbide abrasives, with PVA as the binding agent. PVA polishing wheel is also called a sponge wheel. It is shaped as porous grinding wheels with high elasticity. 

   PVA products can polish any material ferrous or non-ferrous, metal or non-metal. Besides, polishing these products can be used for burr removal, descaling, rust removing.

   PVA sponge wheel can be used for polishing applications.like polishing watch cases, audio and video heads, printing rolls, sylinders, compressor parts, surgical equipment, vehicle rims, tools and dies & moulds etc.

  PVA sponge wheel can be used for polishing applications. The grain size has a large range ,from #46 up to #5000. The degree of porous and elasticity can be contolled based on the different grit and different PVA rate.


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