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Cbn Grinding Wheel 80 mesh

    Using Cbn Grinding Wheel, you will not need to think about the problem. How to dress or shape the convention grinding wheels(Aluminum Oxid Wheels) Cbn Grinding Wheel is durable. To Choose a suitable grit for your cbn grinding wheel is extremly important.

    Cbn Grinding Wheels are applied for processing the solid steel and are bonded with Cubic Boron Nitride. Tey can be used for sharpening the projects including turning tools and harden steel work-pieces.  After grinding by cbn grinding wheels, you will reach a fine sharp edge on materials of Harden steel or tungsten carbide. 

    Compared with Aluminium Oxid Wheels, Cbn wheels performs 4 times higher abrasive resistance, 55 times higher thermal conductivity, also harder by 2 times. They are ideal for sharpening all wood turning tools, powder steel and hss tool cutters.

    Keep the form is another advantage of cbn grinding wheel. You do not need to dress any time. To meet the different grinding requirement, grit 80, Grit 120, grit 180 and grit 320 form coarse to fine to choose. 


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