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6 inch Cbn Grinding Wheel

    Cbn Grinding Wheel electroplated bond are very durable Grinding Wheels. They also never truing. And because the wheels don't get smaller over time, you won’t need to periodically adjust your sharpening jigs to compensate for wear.

    Each is made of cast steel, precisely machined for accurate size and flatness, and electroplated with CBN (cubic boron nitride) particles. CBN abrasive is almost as hard as diamond, so you can grind even tough steels quickly. It's also a much better thermal conductor than the abrasives used in bonded wheels. This, combined with the heavy steel body, means the abrasive surface remains cooler – you can grind right to the tip of the tool without overheating it, so you spend less time honing afterwards.

    These 6" diameter wheels come with the grits of 80#, 180# and 600#. Each comes with a pair of 1 1/2" diameter stainless-steel flanges to help minimize runout; shaft size is 1/2" for the 6" wheel/flange. 8" wheels are also available.


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