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BHS Machinery-Corrugator

BHS Corrugator, For more than 50 years BHS has been working with the construction of corrugators and the manufacture of corrugating rolls. Thanks to years experience BHS is the world's largest provider of solutions fro the Corrugated Industry.

A length of 150 meters, a weight of 500 tons – and at the same time highly flexible and productive at all times. Corrugators are the core business of BHS. For more than 50 years we have been developing, manufacturing and installing corrugators for the production of corrugated board – around the world.

Up to now more than 400 complete corrugators and thousands of individual units have been installed and put into operation successfully. We are now able to offer our customers an extensive portfolio. A total of 5 product lines (Steady, Quality, Classic, Volume and Width) in 5 different working widths (1.80m / 2.20m / 2.50m / 2.80m / 3.35m) meet all your needs and requirements. Depending on the desired output of your corrugator and the desired composition of orders, we are able to supply a customized corrugator adjusted to your requirements.

We Provide the BHS Slitting Knives and BHS Grinding Stones for Slitters to provide the highest cutting quality.


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