How to Cut Tissue Roll?

In the Tissue Market, there are 2 kinds of Cutting Machines can be used to process the tissue roll. Ctoolmake is serving for providing optimal cutting knives and grinding wheels.

1) Band Saw Cutting Machine for Tissue Roll;

Band Saw Blade 3880mm×52mm×0.6mm

CBN Grinding Wheel is with the size: D100*T16*H20*W6*X4mm

2) Log Saw Blade for Tissue Roll Cutting.

We Produce the log blades for all existing log saw machines, e.g. Fabio Perini, PCMC, Futura, CMG (Gambini), Kawanoe Zoki, Bretting, Bao Suo, Dechangyu, ICM, Corenew MTC and others.Unique and Fully automatic 100% quality inspection; Each Blade is dynamically balanced and checked. Regular Model: 610*68.26*4.76mm

CBN Grinding Wheel: 100*16*20*6*4mm

  More Information for CBN Grinders of Tissue and Paper Log Saw. 

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