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Problems of Razor Slitter knife in Cutting Corrugated Board

Problems met in the Cardboard and Corrugated Carton Board Cutting;

Part 1: The short life time of Razor Slitter Knives;

        a. The poor quality of Carbide raw materials; Its grade is lower. We advise to use YG12X or YG13 to guarantee the quality;

           b. Do not choose the suitable grinding wheels; The grinding wheel is with coarse grit size. This will cause the Razor Slitter Knife sharp in very short time but consume the blade very fast.

Part 2: The Corrugated Board is with burrs or unclean-cuts after cutting;

            a. Check the edge of Razor Slitter Knife, guarantee it sharp enough;

            b. The cardboard is too wet.                        

Part 3: Breakage of Blades;

            a. Sicne the deformed flange plate, Screwing untightly cause the Razor Knife assembly in a unproper way; 

            b. Unstable swing grinding wheels, the Razor Slitter Knife is not set exactly in the middle of Angles fromed by 2 Grinding Wheels; Check the bearing of Grinding Stone and Set Location;

            C. The Knife cut on hard onstacle;

Part 4:  It appears chips on the cutting edge of Razor Slitter Knife after grinding;

            a. The grit size of grinding wheels is too coarse;

            b. The Razor Slitter Knife cut on the grinding stones;

            C. The Knife cut on hard onstacle.

Part 5: After cutting, the edge of cardboard is not straight;

           a. The Razor Knife is with lower hardness;

           b. The Blade is too thin.



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