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Metal Bonded Grinding Wheels

What is Metal Bonded Grinding Wheels? 

Metal bond diamond and CBN grinding wheels are made from the sintering of metals powder and other compounds with either Diamond or Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN). Metal bond grinding wheels have features of high efficiency, good self-sharpening, high stock removal, strong hold and good abrasion resistance. One weakness to be aware of is with metal bond grinding wheels is that they are not easily dressed.

Metal bond grinding wheels mainly used for machining quartz crystal, tungsten carbide, ceramics, glass, composite, sapphire, ferrite refractory, thermal spraying materials, high speed steel, tool steel, mould steel. stainless steel, titanium alloy, cast iron and so on

1. Because metal bond grinding wheels are sintered with cobalt, copper, mill, silver or stanum powder, they work exceptionally well on a variety of surfaces (glass, refractories, ceramics, silicon, semi-conductors and quartz).

Whether used for tool cutting, glass grinding, ceramic grinding or form cutting, metal bond grinding wheels provide the longest, most superior quality of service before any type of maintenance is needed.

2. Metal bond offers the ability to perform outstanding interrupted cuts while retaining the tool's original dimensions even during the most energetic grinding actions, including centerless, cylindrical, creep feed, deburring and cutoff applications.

3. Although resin bonds are more commonly used than vitrified or electroplated bonds, these bonds do not offer the hardness or wheel retention properties exhibited by metal bond grinding wheels.


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