Resin Bond Grinding Wheels

The bond is the element in a grinding wheel that holds the diamond and cbn grains together for wet and dry grnding. Resin Bonded diamond and cbn grinding wheels for used for grinding, cutting and slotting tungste carbide or hardened steel, heat treated alloys etc. 

Grinding Wheel performance and the efficiency of the grinding operation are determined to a large extent by the correct choice and the careful manufacture of the bond, as well as by the quality of the abrasive and the grit size.

Resin bonded diamond and cbn wheels are highly efficient and allow low feed force, shape cutting easy truing and dressing.

Resin Bond of Diamond Grinding Wheel &CBN Grinding Wheels are with good advantages to sharpe the materials as below: 

  • For grinding tungsten carbide and steel materials;
  • High materials removal volumes at low grinding forces;
  • For wet and dry grinding.

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