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Diamond Grinding Wheels Bonds

Diamond Grinding Wheels from us in the binding types: synthetic resin bond, metal bond, ceramic bond or metal-ceramic bond.

- Diamond Grinding Wheels in Synthetic Resin Bond:

- For Grinding Tungsten Carbide and Steel Materials;

- High Materials Removal Volumes at low grinding forces;   

- For wet and dry grinding;         

- High flexibility by mixing in suitable additives;


Diamond Grinding Wheel in Metal Sinter Bond;

- Highest wear resistance and profile retention

- High effective forces and therefore lower material removal volume in comparsion to synthetic resin bonds


Diamond Grinding Wheels in Electroplated Bond;

- Electrolytic depositing through a layer of grain on a metallic body- Vert High Grip for the highest possible grinding performances

- For pre-grinding complex profiles with high materials removal volumes- For finishing grinding with high precision, for example in the gear-cutting industry.


Diamond Grinding Wheels in Vitrified Bond; 

- Used to manufacture abrasive coatings with defined porosities for an extremely wide range of applications- Especially good dressing and profiling capability

-optimally suited for the conditioning of diamond dressing roller in particular

- Lower wheel wear, low grinding forces for high quality work-piece surfaces


How to choose the Bond of Grinding Wheel, please take your time and send us the inquiry.  






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