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CBN Grinding Wheels Australia

Diamond Grinding Wheels and CBN Grinding Wheels are designed to grind very hard materials like Tungsten Carbide, HSS, Hardeded Steel, Aero Space Alloys, Ceramics, Glass and Refractory Materials to a high level of precision and quality. Various factors affect selection of the rigth super abrasive Grinding Wheel. The engineer here will help you to select the right product  fine turned to meet the exact apllication need. We offers a wide range of resin bond, metal bond, vitrified bond and electroplated wheels for tools regrinding and for job working application on carbides, Tool materials, HSS, Ceramics. Our CBN Grinding Wheel are well recognized by its performance on quality and cost. They were successfully exported to Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Italy, England, etc. 

The Grinding Wheels could be used for profile grinding, cut off, form grinding, od grinding, dicing and slicing. The abrasive of Grinding Wheels could be diamond and cbn. 


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