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Band Saw Profile-CBN Grinding Wheel

Did band saw Sharpening Wheels-How profile Band Saw Tooth?

3 kinds of CBN Grinding Wheel were applied in Sharpening the Band Saw Tooth; Here we would like to share the feedback from the end-user.

Resin Bond CBN Grinding Wheels;
The most popular grinding wheels, it is a combination of resins and fillers pressed under the heat and pressure that are easily dressed into straight, angle forms, or other special radius forms. To sharp Band Saw Blades, the poor point is: Dressing A lot and the Radius of Grinding Wheels are easy to wear. During this process, by the way of increasing the Hardness or increase the concentration, the performances are not so many differences than before. The core is Aluminum.

Electroplated Bond CBN Grinding Wheels
Electroplated grinding wheels with nickel bonding can achieve high stock removal rates and high-precision profiles on parts being ground. Depending on the wheel blank design, plating technique, and post-treatment of the single-layer grit structure, many different grinding wheels can be produced using this bond system. There is no need for dressing during the life of the wheel. This avoids downtime and eliminates the need for a dressing device.

Worn wheels are replated with new CBN or Diamond grit in a continuous repeating cycle. Wheel bodies can generally be reused several times. As such, the tools are ideally suited to high production.

Metal Bond CBN Grinding Wheels
The core of Metal Bond Wheel is Steel; CBN Abrasive Combined with metal bond, under pressing and heat from into shape. With Strong ability of wear-resistance and higher hardness. If you require less profiling times, this kind of Grinding Wheels would be the first choice.

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