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Internal Grinding Wheels

 Internal grinding Wheel refers to the grinding of bores or holes and probably one of the most difficult types of grinding. Requirements of internal grinding range from very rapid removal of stock to processes capable of generating size and egocentricity measured in millionths of an inch.

Proper selection of the right grinding wheel is therefore very important. In internal grinding, it is recommended that the wheel diameter should be 60-80% of the hole diameter. When grinding, the over travel of wheel at the ends of the hole being ground should be controlled to under 1/3 of the wheel thickness to avoid a producing bell-mouthed hole condition.

Diamond ABRASIVE Internal Grinding Wheels
Tungsten Carbide, Hard Alloys Ferries & ceramics Glass, Gem Stone, Cast Iron

CBN ABRASIVE Internal Grinding Wheels
High-Speed Steel, Hardened Steel, Super Alloys.



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