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Cardboard Grinding Stone for Slitter Knife

Cardboard Grinding Stone for Slitter Knife Mainly Serving for Slitter Scorer used in the Final Cutting Process. Cutting the Carton Board into the 

Required Size. Based on Different Model Types of Slitter Scorer Machine, will equip different shape and size spare parts. Thin Blades also Called Razor Slitter Knife, Working in a set, commonly,

5PCS, 7PCS, 8PCS Thin Blades as a Suite, simuteaneously Cooperated with A Pair of  Grinding Stones. 

For the user, Slitting Result and Using Time are 2 vital important elements to consider. Cutting Result can be seen on the carton board. Stright and Clean Cut Result; To reduce the times of replacement. 

The key elements for Cutting:

1) Materials of Razor Slitter Knife or Thin Blades; 

   Tungsten Carbide; Much longer than the High Speed Steel Materials Thn Blades. Well, there are so many Grades of Carbide. They really differs a lot on the prices and final using time although appreance the same;

   High Speed Steel; Initially, D2 or Cr12MOV Materials Slitter Knife were chosen; As the development, High Speed Steel replace the common steel D2.

At present, Tungsten Carbide Thin Blades and High Speed Steel are the most popular one. 

2) The Proper Sharpening Stones and Grinding Stones to shapr the Carbide Knives;

    Choose the Fine Grain Size Grinding Stones. 

    Choose the Correct Materials of Grinding Stones; Never Sharp the Carbide Knives with CBN, conversely, Diamond Grinding Stone can 

not be used for sharpen the High Speed Steel Knives. 

We could provide all the types of Grinding Stones and Carbide Knives, such as: MingWei, TCY, JUSTU, FOSBER, ISOWA, JS, Champion, K&H, YUELI etc.

 To Know More Information about the Grinding Stones;

To Know More Information about the Thin Blades and Razor Slitter Knife; 

Please take a little time to let us to know your needs, we will revert back to you very soon. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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