Diamond Cut Off Wheel

The Main Usage of Diamond and CBN Cut Off Wheel are Groving and Cutting;

Characteristics of Diamond and CBN Cut Off Wheels:

1. High Precision Groving and Cutting;

2. Narrow Cutting Crack Greatly Improve the Utilization Raztio of Raw materials;

3. High Efficiency and Sharp Cutting;

4. High Strength and Long Using Time.

Applications of Diamond Cut Off Wheels; 

1. Tungsten Carbide Rods, Sheets;

2. Glass Tube;

3. Silicon, Ceramic, Precious Stones, Sapphire, Megnetic Materials;

4. Hardened Steel Materials. 

Types of Cut Off Wheel

By Materials:

1) Diamond Cut Off Wheel

2) CBN Cut Off Wheel.

By Sintered Killds

1) Metal Bond Cutting Wheel

2) Resion Bond Cutting Wheel.

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