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How to dress or true diamond grinding wheel

Why should we dress the grinding wheel?
During the grinding process, the state of the grinding wheel directly affects the grinding result. The state of the grinding wheel is like the change of the cutting force and the change of the shape of the grinding wheel. These changes will affect the yield and reproducibility of the finished product. In general, the most common change is that the grinding wheel "cannot Grind", meaning that the grinding wheel loses cutting force; there are two main reasons for the grinding wheel to lose cutting force:

The first type is that during the grinding and extrusion process, the edges and corners are gradually rounded, which we call "passivation". At this time, the self-sharpening ability of the grinding wheel does not function properly, which causes the cutting force to be lowered, and the grinding effect cannot be effectively exerted.

The second reason is that there is debris generated during the grinding process, especially the material with viscosity. If the pores of the grinding wheel are not large enough or the porosity is low, the debris is easily packed in the pores, causing blockage. The grinding wheel becomes a non-serrated plane and loses cutting force.
Another state is "the grinding surface of the grinding wheel is not flat": the grinding wheel will wear out during use. Such loss causes a gradual loss of the roundness of the grinding wheel and unevenness of the grinding surface of the grinding wheel. This situation causes problems such as yaw at the time of polishing and reduction in polishing efficiency.

In these unstable conditions, the grinding wheel must be trimmed to restore the cutting wheel or the roundness. However, because the grinding wheel is rotating at a high speed during the machining process, it is often impossible to directly observe from the naked eye whether the grinding wheel has lost cutting force or unevenness. However, many grinding phenomena occur when the cutting force is lost. If these phenomena occur, it can be estimated whether the grinding wheel needs to be trimmed.


How to Dressing Grinding Wheels? How To True Grinding Wheels?


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