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General Safety Rules Instruction of Grinding Wheel

Genera Safety Rules:

  1. Always strictly keep to safety rules issued by the organization responsible for the prevention of accidents.
  2. To avoid risks with the use of Rotating tools is strongly recommended to use the utmost caution and concentration when working.
  3. Always wear correctly sized gloved that allows the sensitivity necessary to operate the grinding tools correctly and give adequate protection in the event of the blade being touched during use.
  4. Install only tools in perfect condition that are recommended for the materials to worked and that is suitable for the type machine used.
  5. Never use cracked or deformed tools;
  6. Check the balancing, keying and centering of rotary tools is carried out correctly;
  7. Mount the grinding tools correctly using the proper tightening and adjustment devices.
  8. Remove all tightening and adjustment devices before use;
  9. Check that the tool rotates in the correct direction;
  10. Always use safety glasses or protective screens to protect the eyes.
  11. The work area and the area around the machine must be free of obstacles.
  12. They work area must be properly lit;
  13. Before starting any kind of work, install all the safety devices prescribed by the builder of the machine or power tool.
  14. The operator must be at least 18 years old and of the minimum age prescribed by the laws in force. They must be adequately trained in the use of power tool;
  15. Avoid using machines or power tools in the event of any illness or physical condition that may reduce reflexes or awareness and increase exposure to Risk;

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