Log Saw Blade Grinding Wheels


Log Saw Blade Grinding Wheels is Made in the Cubic Boron Nitride(CBN). It is extremely import to choose a right a Cbn Grinding Wheel for your Logsaw. With many years' experiences generated, make us manufacture the suitable grinding wheels for the log saw.

    At present, we could offer wide range of CBN Grinding Wheels to meet your applications. B107 Fine Grit Boron Grinding Wheels with most Suitable Dressing Stick to Ensure the best Grinding Result for the LogSaw. 

Micro Log Saw Blade-CBN Sharpener

D=100 T=16 H=20 or H=30 W=6 X=4

-Cbn (Boron)-Type 6A2 Shape

-Grit Size B107  C100 B bond 

- High Quality Boron Wheel for 1.2379 Steel

- Resin Bond

- Aluminium Boday with 4 Removal Slots and 3 Location Holes.


    To choose the correct cbn grinding wheel is very important. It is the essential of achieving the good grinding result. Un-proper composition of grinding wheel cause non-optimal sharpening result. Also it can lead to dangerous since the sparking or over heating during the sharpening process. You will get our price offer with details. Contact us now. 





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