PSA Metal Bond Diamond Disc

    The purpose of a small amount of grinding wheel in metallographic sample preparation is to remove the deformed layer and achieve a smooth surface, and to remove the deformed layer to take, and the grinding wheel is usually used. Better, more uniform scratches and easier characteristics. Including structure and high hardness materials. Suitable for quenching, carburizing steel, and gray cast iron metallographic samples. The sample material with the polishing disc HV greater than 120, the soft use efficiency of non-ferrous metals.


    The use of various types of surface grinding machines, metallographic grinding and polishing machines and other equipment for diamond metallographic grinding discs can realize efficient grinding and polishing of the entire set of processes from rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing to finished products. The ideal precision polishing effect can be easily achieved by adding water during the operation. The diamond metallographic grinding disc is a kind of high-tech abrasive material, which has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, not easy to block, easy to change the particle size, and environmental protection. Compared with the traditional grinding and polishing process, the cost is reduced, the efficiency is greatly improved, and the quality is more stable. Widely used in scientific research, experiment, military industry, industrial manufacturing and other fields.

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