4B1 Diamond/Cbn Grinding Wheels

  4B1 Diamond/CBN Grinding Wheels-Sharpening Saw Blades
  Part 1: Ctoolmake supplies good quality 4b1 model resin bonded diamond grinding wheel.
4B1 Single Bevel Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel for Grinding Narrow Teeth Gap of Tungsten Carbide Tip Saw Blades, drill bit; Milling cutter; Tap; Reamer; Cobalt plating on twist drills; 3-edged drill bit; Side edge; Engraving knives, Woodworking circular saw; Hard alloy saw tip; Hard alloy rod; High speed steel rod; Engineering ceramic tubes and rods; Bearing; Die accessories.

  Part 2: The advantages of 4B1 Diamond Resin Bond Grinding Wheels;
1. Higher grinding efficiency, relatively durable.
2. Short product cycle, high removal tate and easy
3. Certain elasticity, which is conducive to improving the roughness of the work-piece surface, and is mainly used for fine grinding, semi-fine grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processes.


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