12A2-20° Grinding Wheel

CBN and Diamond are both belonged to Super Abrasive, the usage for Diamond and CBN differs dramatically depending on the materials to be ground.

Diamond CBN
Tungsten Carbide Hardened Steels
Ceramics Die Steels
Glass Alloy Steels
Electronic materials Aerospace Alloys
Jade Hard Carbon Stels

Shape Recommendations of Diamond or CBN Grinding Wheels

Cutting Off 1A1R
Cylindrical Grinding(External Grinding) 1A1,14A1
Cylindrical Grinding (Internal Grinding) 1A1,1A8W
Tool Grinding 6A2,4A2,11A2,12V2,12A2
Surface Grinding 1A1
Centers Grinding 1A1
WoodCutting Tools 12V2, 12A2-20°, 11A2, 14A1, 14F1.6A2

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