Diamond brazed Grinding Wheels

  Single-layer brazed diamond grinding wheel is a new type of superhard abrasive grinding wheel, which uses brazing technology to realize diamond abrasive grains,

  The chemical metallurgical combination of solder bond and metal matrix interface fundamentally breaks the bondage of traditional grinding wheel bond on the physical package of abrasive grains, improve the holding strength of brazed diamond grinding wheel abrasive grains, and maintain the climbing height of the solder bond at 20%~30% to achieve high-strength bonding of abrasive grains.

  It is enough to meet the high-speed or ultra-high-speed and efficient grinding process of the grinding wheel under heavy load. The exposure of diamond grinding wheel abrasive grains is as high as 70%~80%, making the grinding wheel sharper,

  The cutting performance is greatly improved, and the grinding force, grinding temperature, grinding power and grinding specific energy generated during the grinding process are greatly reduced.

  It greatly improves the processing efficiency and the life of the brazed grinding wheel. The chip space of the brazed grinding wheel is more sufficient, It is not easy to block, avoiding the damage of chips to the workpiece, and at the same time, the chip space can accommodate more coolant, effectively reducing the temperature of the grinding workpiece and avoiding burns, etc.

  Vacuum Brazed Diamond Wheel For Metal Processing, Grinding Cast Iron ,Alloy Steels , Grey Iron , Hard Composite Materials And Metal Profile In Foundry Industry.

  Compared with traditional multi-layer sintered superabrasive tools and single-layer electroplated superabrasive tools, brazed diamond grinding wheels have the following characteristics:

  ① Metallurgical chemistry can be achieved between abrasives, brazing materials and substrates Combined, so as to improve the bonding strength, the service life of the tool is long;

  ②The exposure height of the abrasive grains is large (up to 70% to 80% of the abrasive grain height), the space for chips is large, it is not easy to block, and the use of abrasives is more fully;

  ③ The grinding force, power consumption and grinding temperature are lower;

  ④ It has environmental protection significance and is in line with the development trend of green manufacturing advocated today.


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