Slotter Knives-Carton Board

 Slotter Knives-Carton Board

Slotter Knives specially Applied in Corrugated Industry and Printing are with High-Quality guarantee the Clean Cut Slot. These kinds of Knives are always performed with asset including the Upper Slotting Knives and Lower Slotting Knives. In Ctoolmake, Hardened Steel will be used to produce the Slotting Knives, such as SKD-11, SKH-9, SKH-5, Cr12MoV, 9CrSi, Cr12MoV, etc. 

Upper Slot Knives, Under Slot Knives and Spacer

Regular Model of Slotter Knife:BHS Slotter Knife, TCY Slotter knife, MINGWEI Slotter Knife etc. All these Parts are very important during carton box making process. 

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