Paper Cone Cutting Knife

Cutting Knives, Core Cutter for Paper Cone or Paper Cutting;

Ideal for low-cost, ease of use, and applications where crisp clean cuts are needed. The Round Blade Core Cutter (Model CC-R) is an excellent tool to cut cores on demand in your converting facility.

Our paper cone cutting blades are available with degree of 30, 45 and 60 degree or under the customer's requirement. 

Paper Tube Cutting Knives can be made in the materials of HSS and D2, SKH-51, 9CrSi, common size are:

>> 200-32-2.5mm  >>100-35-1.3mm  >>160-32-2.5mm  >>90-22-1.5mm  >>90-60-1.2mm  >>110-25.4-1.5mm

>>The Cutting Knives can be tailored. 





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