CNC Tools Grinding Wheels

Ctoolmaek Supply the wheels for several applications mainly: Carbide Round Tools on CNC machies: Flute Grinding, Gash Grinding, End Facing, Clearance and Angle, Cylindrical Grinding.

1) Flute Grinding;
Low Cutting Force
Fast Cutting Speed
High feed Rate at low load
Superior surface quality
Maintains perfect wheel form
Long intervals between dressing

Good Profile and Corner Stability
Fast Cutting Speed
Sharp Wheel Edge

3) Clearance Angles (End-Face and OD)
Ideal for End-Face and Outside Diameter Applications, First and Second relief clerance angle.

4) 11V9 and 12V9 Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels 

Superior suface quality prevents tool cutting and edge chipping.

We win the Reputations for High Quality Production,Full Control of Production Steps. Identifying Cutomer's Needs and developing tools accordingly.

Send us your request, the Offer can be sent to you very soon. 


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