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Corrugated Board-Grinding Stones

On the basis of introducing and absorbing the best domestic and foreign technologies, our factory has successfully developed a special grinding wheel

For thin-knife slitting knives and carbide knives for corrugated cardboard production lines, which is an achievement mainly serving the corrugated cardboard industry.

Special grinding wheels for grinding carbide knives have the following characteristics:

1. Using super-hard abrasive artificial diamond, it can satisfy all current thin knives made of tungsten steel (tungsten carbide YG8 and other models).

2. Use a resin bond suitable for thin knives to maintain good grinding performance of the grinding wheel at all times.

3. The use of various particle sizes is suitable for grinding of various materials and conditions. For rough grinding, choose 80#--120#,

   for semi-fine grinding, choose 120#--180#, for fine grinding, choose 180#--W40, and for grinding and polishing, choose W40 rather than W1.

   Thin tungsten steel knives have high mirror finish and require high edge grinding accuracy, so they should be selected within the particle size range of 180#--240#.

4. The reasonable combination of grinding wheel structures with different densities is beneficial to the advantages of high grinding accuracy and good heat dissipation for thin knives of different materials.


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