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Cardboard Tungsten Slitter Knives

  Ctoolmake Offers a Wide range of Cardboard Tungsten Slitter Knives to fit the most widerly applied corrugators of their Slitter Scorer machinery. Our Tungsten Carbide Knives are made from fine grain Tungsten Carbide to ensure the superior cutting perfomances and extend the long using time. 

  The models of Slitter Scorer includes BHS, Fosber, Agnati, Marquip, ISOWA, JUSTU, Peters, Champion, MHI etc. Tungsten Carbide is the first option to make the slitter knives thanking to its unmatched hardness. Then using Diamond Grinding Stones will make the slitter knife wear and keep sharp. Our proficient skills in making the Tungsten Carbide Slitter Knives cause sharp edge and long using time. To continue keeping the clean cut, We supply the matching the diamond grinding stones for each knife according to the slitter scorer suppliers. 



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