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OD 260mm Slitting Knives

   The OD260 Slitting Knives are used on the Chinese standard slitter scorer machines in the carton board slittting industry. These kinds of Slitter Knives are made of Tungsten Carbide powder with extremly longer using time

than other slitter blades made in the mateials of HSS about 20 times. Considering by the cost or the time, Tungsten Carbide Slitter Blades are absolutely the first option to cut or slit the carton board or paperboard. 

  Specification: OD260xID158x1.3mm OD260xID168x1.3mm. Besides these models, there are also others used on the slitter scorer like, BHS Slitter Scorer, Fosber Slitter Scorer, Marquip Slitter Scorer, Agnati Slitter Scorer, TCY Slitter Scorer, 

JUSTU Slitter Scorer, Champion Slitter Scorer, ISOWA Slitter Scorer etc. Contact us for more information. 


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