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Fosber Twin Evolution Slitting Blade-Sharpening Stone

  The below Sharpening Stones are exactly the Sharpening Tools for Fosber Twin Evolution Slitting Blade. Decided by the Steel Type of Slitting Blade, HSS Steel Type or Tungsten Steel Type.

  These Sharpening Stones can be Produced in the 2 kinds of Hard Abrasive. They are: Diamond Abrasive Sharpening Stones; CBN Abrasive Sharpening Stones. To make and keep the sharpness of Slitting Blades after long time slitting carton board, sharpening stones funcations importantly. On the one hand, it sharp the slitting blade, on the other hand, it extend the life span of slitting blade. To choose a suitable pair of sharpening stones, it is very needed and extremely important for the slitting system.

  Ctoolmake, a professional factory of producing the sharpening stones and slitting blade. We could offer you perfect cutting and sharpening solutions. Besides, we could also provide the sharpening solutions for Slitting Blade in BHS, Agnati, Marquip, TCY, K&H, Martin, Bobst, K&H, Justu etc. Send us the inquiry, we will reply you sooner.  


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