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Automatic Thin-blade NC Slitter Scorer KAITUO

Individual servo motor and controller on each Slitter and scorer sets, quick and accurate order change.

AC servo motor compatible with AC servo controller controls the speed of the Slitters & Scorers;

Get auto-synchronization with board speed. "Zero" score-spacing type

Two rows of scorers realize Minimum score spacing is 0mm.

  • Score profiles: Male-to-female, Male-to-flat, Male-to-male.
  • Auto switching of Score profiles, Auto Score-depth adjust.
    Alloyed steel thin-blades, Auto sharpening, and Auto lubrication.
  • Standard trim suction-inlet, Auto positioning according to border blade.
  • Standard motorized body left-right rectification system.
  • Individual sealed electrical cabinet, equipped with Industrial air-conditioner,
  • Dust-free, constant temperature and humidity ensures longer life-span of electrical components.
  • Standard 10” touch-screen monitor, easy to operate.
  • Standard communication interface, easy to link with Management system.
  • Designed and manufactured according to CE standards.

Effective width:1800, 2200, 2500 mm

Max. speed:200, 250, 300 m/min

Slitter config.:5, 6, 7

Scorer config.:8, 10, 12

Min. Slitter-spacing:160mm

Min. Score-spacing:0 mm

Slitter/Scorer positioning:±0.5 mm

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