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12A2 Diamond Grinding Wheels for Carbide Saw Blade

    As for shaprpening Resin Bond Grinding Wheels, they are widely used in the grinding of tungsten carbide circular saw blade.
Resin bond diamond lapping wheel is used for display screen processing instead of traditional free abrasive lapping. It can improve the processing efficiency of the display screen and surface quality, and reduce the cost.It has a high material removal rate and good surface roughness.Resin bond grinding wheels for top grinding:

    Shapes Requirement: 12A2 Grinding Wheel, 6A2 Grinding Wheels
    Abrasives: Diamond
    Bond: Resin
    Workpiece: Tungsten Carbide teeth
    Part of Grinding: Top of teeth

1. Good sharpening and high efficiency, durability,
2. Fitting to coarse and fine grinding at same time,
3. Make workpiece a good flatness and smoothness.

    Under what circumstances do alloy saw blades need to be sharpened.

    If cutting quality does not meet the requirements such as product surface fuzzing and rough. It needs to be sharpened immediately.
When the cutting edge is shortened more than 0.2mm, it must be sharpened. It cannot measure the cutting edge shortening with a microscope in actual production, usually use the magnifier for checking. When there is a white line in the teeth, it needs to be sharpened. When cutting power increases sharply, it is better not to wait for this situation to happen before sharpening the saw blade.

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